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How We Work

Own farm

We have a single breed of Buffalo kept in a mid-size farm under 80-120kms from the city. The Milk from our farm is well maintained under trained veterinarians, keeping in mind about complete hygiene.


Quality Checks

The quality of our product is unquestionable as it is regularly maintained and gets passed by FSSAI accredited Labs, which traces the availability of any type of Chemicals, Pesticides or Toxins.

Hygienic Milking Conditions

It’s a purely mechanical Process where milking is done through Machines, without any physical contact of human hands. They are bathed regularly and are kept under clean sheds.


Chilling At 2℃

To avoid any kind of bacterial growth, we chill the milk in bulk coolers immediately after milking.

AVM Dispensing

AVM machine are used for dispensing with refrigeration to retain the goodness of milk.