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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Buffalo milked at Purelo DAIRY?
Is the milk ever tested for harmful bacteria?
How should I handle the milk that is supplied to me?
How long will raw milk keep?
How can I tell if raw milk is spoiled?
What should I do if the milk smells bad after only a couple of days?
What should I do with milk that is more than a week old?
Why does a large layer of cream form on top of the milk?
Can I use the cream separately?
Can I make my own butter from the cream?
Are there other ways to use raw milk?
What happens in the milk during the culturing process; and why should I bother?
Can the milk be frozen?
Why is the milk so yellow?
Can the milk be pasteurized on the stove top?
Tell us more about the Buffalo at Moms’ Farmstead Dairy!
Are the Buffalo tested for disease?
Are the Buffalo ever treated for worms?
What do the Buffalo eat?
Why is the butterfat of our milk not consistent everyday?
What is done with the extra milk not packaged for delivery?
Do the birth of the calves have an impact on milk quantity?